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The team at Fitness2u are dedicated to giving you as many options as you need to make exercise and healthy living a part of your life. We offer mobile personal training and studio personal training, and have appointments at a variety of times to fit in with you. If your goal is to lose weight, improve your fitness, or just to have fun, Fitness2u can help.

Studio Personal Training

Fitness2u operates our very own ‘appointment only’ training studio in Concord and Chiswick. This studio is not a gym! Unlike a gym, the studio provides relative privacy with only scheduled sessions on offer – as an appointment only facility, you can avoid the intimidating crowds that a gym attracts. Also, instead of just ‘using the machines’ as you might in a gym, your studio appointment employs your own tailored training program under the guidance of your personal trainer. The only similarities that you will notice between our studio and a gym environment are positive ones: undercover training, equipment, and bathroom facilities.
The expert knowledge behind Fitness2u personal training studio – are trainers Frank & Carmen Calcara, who dedicated their working lives to nurturing their fitness clients to become all they want to be.
Our trainers have formal qualifications in personal training, fitness and nutrition, but also work on instinct to help clients achieve the best they can.

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