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Testimonial - CD Construction

As the owner of a small company managing a team of employees I am a strong believer in creating a work/life balance culture amongst the team, boosting employee morale and overall spirit of the group. As such it is important to recognize and “appreciate” staff so they work well together as a team and in turn increase productivity.
When we made the decision to offer our employees a bi-weekly fitness program we were looking for a company which could provide us the services tailored to our needs. With Fitness2u Pty Ltd we found that flexibility.
Twice a week we break out into a fun, calorie-busting workout. Our employees have a blast – encouraging each other as they participate in a Fitness2u training session with one of the Personal Trainers. The equipment used is a lot of fun and varies most sessions! Nobody needs to be intimidated . . . there are variations to all the exercises so everyone can do it at their own pace.
The sessions are conducted by either husband and/or wife duo Frank & Carmen Calcara, combining boxing, general fitness and boot camp techniques.
We finish off our afternoon with a great cool-down and stretch – followed by a leisurely walk back to the office . . . So everyone is ready for a nice relaxing evening and a great day back at work the following day!
Over the past couple of years we have used the services of Fitness2u Pty Ltd and our expectations have been exceeded by the level of professionalism and dedication the trainers bring.
The sessions have increased morale and our staff really look forward to the workouts. The trainers are exceptionally trained and are a pleasure to deal with. The service provided by Fitness2u is of the highest standard and I would recommend that every business invest in staff well-being.

Robert Orth
Managing Director

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