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Agility Cone Drill Test

Agility Cone Drill Test


The Agility cone drill is a test of speed, explosive power, and the ability to control your body while changing direction.

What is the point?

The Agility Cone Drill measures critical elements of lateral movement, including speed, power, body control and change of   direction.

This test is included as part of the battery of SPARQ tests for soccer and basketball players, emphasising the critical nature of agility for athletes in these sports.

What do you need?

  • A flat non-slip surface.

  • Stopwatch

  • Measuring tape or chalk

  • 5 marker cones

  • Assistant

How do you do the test?

Mark out the course with four marker cones in a diamond shape, the other in the middle. The outer cones are each 3 meters from the center.

  • Start behind and with your left hand on the middle cone, facing forwards (towards cone 5)

  • Turn and run to the right and touch cone 2 with your hand

  • Turn back and run to the center cone, out to the next cone (3), back to the center, out to the next cone (4), back to the center and then finally turn and finish by running through the finish line at cone 5.

  • You must touch each cone with your hand when turning.

  • Timing starts when your hand comes off the center cone, and stops when your chest passes through the line of the final cone.

  • After a three minute rest, repeat the drill, moving in the opposite direction (i.e counter-clockwise, cones in order 1-4-3-2-5)

  • Average your score from the two trials.

What results you’ll get :

Taking this test at regular intervals will allow you to assess changes in your agility.

What is being measured again?

This is a measure of an athlete’s agility, in particular body control and change of direction.

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