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Quick Feet Test

Quick Feet Test


You can use the Quick Feet Test to measure the agility and foot speed of your athletes.

What is the point?

Agility is a key component of sports – it allows a player to pick a route through would-be tacklers in rugby or football, or weave through a crowd of defenders in football (soccer) or basketball. The Quick Feet Test is an excellent way to assess a player’s      footspeed and agility.

What do you need?

  • Flat surface

  • 20 two-foot long sticks or a 20-rung rope ladder

  • Stop watch

  • Assistant

How do you do the test?

  • Place 20 two-foot long sticks 18 inches apart or a 20-rung stride rope ladder on a flat surface (grass, athletics’ track)

  • Run down the ladder without touching the sticks/rungs

  • While running you should pump your arms vigorously in a sprint-arm motion and use minimal knee lift

  • Timing starts when your foot first touches the ground between the first and second stick/rung, and ends when you step beyond the last stick/rung

  • Rest two minutes and repeat

  • Record the better of the two trials

What results you’ll get :

Comparing you results over the course of several months will indicate if your training is improving your quickness (agility).

For comparison, refer to the chart below. A time of less than 2.8 seconds for males and 3.4 seconds for females is considered  excellent for student athletes.

Primary School

High School


Males (time)

< 3.8 seconds

< 3.3 seconds

< 2.8 seconds

Females (time)

< 4.2 seconds

< 3.8 seconds

< 3.4 seconds

What is being measured again?

This is an excellent test of foot speed and agility.

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