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Yuhasz Skinfold Test

Zuhasz Skinfold Test

Make sure you are losing weight in a health and effective way with the Zuhasz Skinfold Test.This test measures what percentage of your body is made up of fat by pinching the skin of several different areas around the body   and measuring the thickness.

What is the point?

Employing the Yuhasz skinfold test is a way to ensure that you are slimming effectively and safely. Many slimmers make the mistake of only using a general scale to monitor their slimming progress. Unfortunately, general scales don’t differentiate between loss of   fat and loss of muscle. Loss of muscle is not only unhealthy, it slows down your metabolism, which in turn impedes the slimming process.

The point of the Yuhasz skinfold test is to differentiate fat loss from muscle loss.

What do you need?

  • A pair of calipers

  • A paper and pencil

How do you do the test?

  • The Yuhasz skinfold test takes measurements of several different regions of the body. These regions are:

    • The triceps

    • The subscapula

    • The suprailiac crest (just about the back of the hip and along an angle)

    • The abdomen (measure just to the left of the navel)

    • The front thigh, (measure parallel to the long axis of the knee, midway up the thigh)

    • The chest (for males only – taken at a 45 degree angle of the horizontal to the right of the right nipple)

    • The rear thigh (for females only – taken midway on the back of the upper leg).

  • Pinch the area between your thumb and forefinger and then place the calipers in the position of your fingers.

  • Then let go with your fingers and take the measurement of the area in millimeters.

  • Take the measurement 3 or 4 times in the same area and then take the average of the measurements.

  • Record this figure.

What results you’ll get :

On average, men should score roughly 15-17% body fat, and women should score between 18% and 22%. Though these numbers might slightly lower for athletes involved in training regimes,men should not dip below 2-5% and women should stay above 10-13% in order to maintain health.

What is being measured again?

The test measures your percentage of body fat. This allows you to monitor your slimming more effectively and prevent muscle loss.


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