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Endurance Tests

Endurance Tests

Taking endurance tests will help you determine what your current VO2 and Lactate threshold scores are. Endurance tests can also be used to learn your maximum time to exhaustion, which can be particularly important for those who are trying to race in distance related events.

Aerobic Tests

If you’ve been working on cardio training, aerobic tests would
be a good fitness assessment for you to perform. Some of the factors of fitness
that aerobic tests will determine are VO2
max,lactate threshold and maximum time
to exhaustion.

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Cycle Tests

Regular cycle tests are a great way to determine your fitness and skill level. It is important to ensure you stretch out your quad muscles before performing cycle tests  however, as these are the muscles that will predominately be worked and therefore need to be loose and warm.

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Heart Rate Tests

Doing some heart rate tests will not only allow you to see how well your endurance training is progressing but also allow you to determine recovery ability. Generally, the faster the beats per minute reading returns to normal after exercise, the better condition you are in.

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Running Tests

There are a variety of different running tests that you can perform. Some of the most commonly used ones will either aim to measure your maximum speed and   therefore VO2 max or else your aerobic endurance. Distance athletes will be most interested in the latter while sprint  athletes  the former.

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