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Running Tests

Running Tests

Regular running tests can help you better track how well your program is working. Running tests can vary depending on the type of training you are involved in. From sprinting assessments to measure of VO2 max to endurance capabilities, you can be sure to find one to  suite your needs.

1500 Metres Predictor

The 1500 metres Predictor Test is a good         way to assess potential race speed.

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The 2.4km Run Performance Evaluation Test

After doing some endurance training, the 2.4 km run performance evaluation test will be a great way to determine the progress you’ve made. One nice thing about this particular  assessment is that it can be used to predict your times for a  1.5km, 5km and 10km run as well.

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5km Time Predictor

Find your fitness levels with this fitness test that promotes fitness through money.

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Cooper Vo2 max

The Cooper VO2 max test is an easy way for anyone to estimate their VO2 max.

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