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Sport Specific Tests

Sport Specific Tests

By implementing some sports specific tests into your program assessment you’ll get a better idea how well you training is going to transfer onto the court or field. Why not look for sports specific tests over a variety of movements since this will allow you to develop a better well-rounded fitness program.

Basketball Tests

The most common basketball tests to perform are ones that will assess your agility ability, dribbling ability and your shooting accuracy. You’ll want to strengthen these skills in your training program so that you’ll see improvements on both the basketball tests and during the game.

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Rowing Tests

Rowing tests will help to determine your VO2 max levels as well as your muscular abilities. Rowing tests can be done every two or three months as this is generally how much time it will take to notice a difference in your performance level.

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Rugby Tests

Performing rugby tests will allow you to assess a multitude of fitness factors. This is a sport that calls upon aerobic fitness, strength and agility therefore implementing a variety of rugby tests on a regular
basis will keep you reaching for optimum physical ability levels.

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Walking Tests

If you aren’t an avid runner, walking tests are going to be a great way to determine your aerobic abilities. You can perform walking tests going for speed, distance or incline gradient. All of these will  challenge you physically and enable you to see your progress.

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