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Sergeant Jump Test

Sergeant Jump Test


If you are looking for a way to measure elastic leg strength, a sergeant jump test is the assessment you should be performing.

Your performance levels will determine how well you are able to perform in various sports and daily activities that specifically require leg strength.

What is the point?

Any athletes who are regularly participating in activities that will require a great deal of explosive strength should be training in a  way that they can increase the elasticity in their leg muscles, thus allowing them to propel their bodies off the ground.

A sergeant jump test is a good way to analyze how you are progressing with the measure and then determine whether or not corresponding changes should be made to your training plan.

The objective of the Sergeant Jump test is to evaluate your leg elasticity.

What do you need?

  • A partner

  • A wall

  • A one metre tape measure

  • A piece of chalk

  • An assistant

How do you do the test?

  • To begin, first place some chalk on your fingertips and reach in the upwards direction as high as you can and touch the wall. Note you are in the standing position while doing this.

  • With your side to the wall and keeping both feet on the ground, propel yourself in the upwards direction, reaching the arm above you as high as possible.

  • Touch your fingers to the wall, making sure some chalk rubs off.

  • Measure the distance from the first chalk marking to the second to see how high off the ground you moved.

  • You can repeat the process as many times as you wish, then record your best distance.

What results you’ll get :

The best way to assess progress will then be to compare with previous assessments to see if an improvement has been made. You may also compare with the averages below for males and females.


Below average


Above average



45 cm

50 cm

55 cm

60 cm

> 65 cm


40 cm

45 cm

50 cm

>55 cm

What is being measured again?

These test measures the height you can jump from a standing position.


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