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Rockport Fitness Walking Test

Rockport Fitness Walking Test


For individuals who are not as into running, a Rockport fitness walking test is a great way to measure your VO2 max. The VO2 max is the amount of oxygen your body is able to metabolise during exercise.

What is the point?

Many people either dislike running or have troubles performing the activity due to knee or back pain, however this shouldn’t be a limiting factor for them in terms of being able to measure how well their training is progressing. This test will effectively measure your cardiovascular fitness levels.

The objective of the Rockport Fitness Walking test is to evaluate your VO2 max without the need for running.

What do you need?

  • A 400 metre track

  • A stopwatch

  • An assistant

It is best if you can choose a day when it is not as windy outside to conduct it so that you do not have that factor working against you.

How do you do the test?

To start the Rockport fitness walking test, record your weight and then go for one full mile as fast as you possibly can. Keep track of the time it takes you to do this as well as what your heart rate is when you just complete the assessment.

 What results you’ll get :

Then using your time and heart rate, figure out your VO2 max by using the formula below. With any luck your times should have improved between trials of assessment, thus indicating an improvement in performance.

VO2 Max: 132.853 – (0.9769 X Weight in lbs) – (0.3877 X Age) + (6.315 X Gender) – (3.2649 X Time) – (0.1565 X Heart Rate)

For the Gender category, use 1 if you are a male and 0 if you are a female and express your heart rate as beats per minute. If you wish to improve upon your number, then the best type of training to do will be regular high intensity cardiovascular sessions that have you working close to your maximum heart rate along with a few longer, more moderately paced sessions to improve endurance performance.

What is being measured again?

This test measures your VO2 max through walking.

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