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Strength Tests

Strength Tests

Performing both upper body and lower body strength tests after each few months of your training is a smart approach. These strength tests will then allow you to see which muscle groups are progressing the most and which are still lacking. Undoubtedly a key area for many, why not check the ones you didn’t know about to help you start a new approach.

Core Tests

Core tests determine how well the abdominal muscles along with the muscles around the lumbar spine are able to work. Doing well on core tests will prove that you are more capable on other assessments since these muscles are used in almost every activity you do.

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Lower Body Tests

Incorporating lower body tests into your strength assessment is an absolute must if you want to get a full measure of your fitness level. The best lower body tests to  perform will be ones that utilise many muscles as once, a one rep max squat assessment being a  perfect example.

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Upper Body Tests

The two most common upper body tests to perform are a one rep bench press max along with a push-up assessment. As these are both compound movements, they will determine strength levels in a variety of muscle groups.

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