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    MONDAY       19:00

    THURSDAY  19:00

    Or by appointment


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Fitness2u aims to provide a platform for any willing person, group or team to transform their lives into one that is exponentially healthy.

We run boxing & general fitness classes every ;

MONDAY 19:00


Single Visit $14.00
10 Visit Pass $110.00 Adult
10 Visit  Pass $90.00 Youth
Boxing Inners $5.00

Please Bring a Towel


Our basis is the 6 ‘S’ principle.

1. Stamina

Endurance to be continually active.

2. Strength

Resistance training to build muscle tone and increase metabolic rate

3. Speed

Power to have that burst of energy whenever you need it.

4. Stretching

Flexibility to improve body shape and balance..

5. Sustenance

Nutritional advice to keep your feeling fit internally

6. Skill

Information and knowledge passing to make sure our teachings are understood.



Location: Scout Hall Wellbank St (Central Park) Concord NSW 2137

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