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What do you think of when you think about personal training?

Chances are, if you’re like most people, you’ve got a picture of some fit young guy or girl running you around a park or strapping you into a machine of some sort whilst ‘motivating’ you to do “just one more rep” right?

Well, at Fitness2u that’s not what we’re about!

Training with one of our trainers is NOT about the kit we’re using, it’s NOT about the shiny glass and chrome you’ll find in most gyms, it’s NOT about having you spend 20-30 minutes pounding away on one contraption or another.

It’s about YOU!

What Do We Mean?

Well, what we mean is that unlike most training sessions, our sessions focus upon your individual wants and needs and then sets about to deliver those results by focusing specifically on what YOU need to do to attain them.

As a result, you won’t find a single pre-written programme, exercise session or protocol in the entire team’s ‘personal trainer toolbox’.

In fact, EVERY programme for EVERY client within our company is created from scratch!

Now that’s PERSONAL Training

What this means is that some of you will utilise bodyweights, for some it’ll be dumbbells, whilst others use kickboxing and martial arts. You never know, a session may even incorporate ALL of this!

The thing is, because no two clients sessions are the same, we can’t tell you what your training will consist of until we assess you!

One thing you can be sure of though, is that whatever session we put together for you will be based upon the very best and most result -producing system that we can find for your unique circumstances.

After all, that’s what you’re paying us for right?

PT will help any person or group achieve specific fitness targets including weight loss, muscle definition, stamina and team conditioning. PT is by appointment; we accommodate for all your conveniences by bringing the gym to you. The sessions can be indoors or outdoors and at any time suiting you.

PT provides a detailed approach to getting you fit with the aim being to keep you fit for life.

Pricing: (including GST) – All sessions are 45 minutes

1 on 1 $75
2 on 1 $50 per person
3+ on 1 $40 per person


The Fitness2U system is as follows:

1. Information gathering – about each individual regarding your health, medical and exercise history.

2. Personal Success Diary (Fitness Assessment) – completing and keeping on record your initial and monthly fitness assessments as well as your short, medium and long term fitness goals.

3. Program design – After running through a large variety of exercises the trainer will assess your levels of Stamina, Strength, Speed, Stretching, Sustenance and Skill.

4. Specific program – After the first free session, the trainer will structure a specific program that will be tailored to your specific goals and based on your current levels of fitness.

5. Exponential Improvement – Each and every session after the first is all about continual improvement and enhancing your fitness and knowledge. Our trainers will always endeavour to provide the client with information as to how they are improving and all information required to help the client to continue to improve exponentially.

Having a friend or even a couple of friends to train with can be a lot of fun and help the undoubted strains of a hard training session to fly past a little quicker. Fitness2U offers group personal training at a cheaper rate with all the same benefits of 1on1 personal training.

All Fitness2U personal training clients will receive the above services. Fitness2U aims is to provide a platform for any willing person, group or team to transform their lives into one that exponentially healthy.


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