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Carmen Calcara

Carmen Calcara

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  • Personal Trainer
  • Boxing – advanced level Instructor
  • First Aid / CPR


I deeply believe every single one of us has the inner potential and strength to accomplish anything that our mind sets itself to.

As an athlete I have experienced a roller coaster career of successes and set backs; it’s given me a better understanding of what life is about. I know for a fact that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; that is why even at the toughest times in my life I’ve always pulled through and come out as a winner no matter what the competition’s results.

As a trainer, it is my mission to share my enthusiasm, experience and motivation towards health and fitness goals that can help bring out the best of life’s potential.

Sporting Achievements:

  • Represented NSW in Netball and Dragon Boating
  • Represented Australia in Dragon Boating and Outrigger Canoe
    • Prague, Czech Republic 2009
    • Sydney, Australia 2009
    • Wujin, China 2010
    • Florida, USA 2011
  • Current Dragonboat World Champion in
    • Senior A Women 2000m and
    • World Master Champion in 200m double outrigger canoe.
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